April Calendar Days

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Celebrate April with these these seasonal Calendar Days featuring spring-themed designs: an umbrella, a raindrop, and a rain boot.

Our line of seasonal Calendar Days are designed for built-in patterning practice. April forms an AABCC pattern.

Seasonal Calendar Days bring the seasons indoors to your circle time, daily calendar lesson, or classroom calendar display. The built-in pattern for each month provides quick, easy patterning practice each day. The pattern starts out simple at the beginning of the school year (AB for August Calendar Days) and gets more complex by the end of the year (ABCABAB for July Calendar Days).

Pack contains:
31 numbers days ??? 30 regular numbers and one 23/30 combined number
4 accent days ??? 1 star card, 1 birthday cake slice card, and 2 blank cards for highlighting special events, holidays, and birthdays

Size: 2??" x 2??"